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Your Offertory Donation

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING CONTACTLESS DONATIONS: You will find our new DIGITAL COLLECTION PLATE, contactless terminal in the porch of Our Lady's Church. Just use your contactless debit/credit card or smartphone / device to make a donation. Simply choose the amount you wish to donate and hold your card onto the reader.

You can also opt-in for Gift Aid to increase your donation by 25%. If you are a UK tax-payer then donating with Gift Aid means that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 received.

Please note contactless donations are simple to administer, secure and convenient.


If you not able to make offertory donations in your usual way these are the ways you can donate money to the parish for your regular Offertory and Mass Intentions, etc. Please remember that Easter and Christmas collections go directly to Fr. Francis.

a)   Set up a Standing Order, or do an online Bank Transfer

      Parish Current A/C No.                  00888991

      Sort Code                                       30-93-04

      A/C Name                   Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth CDP LEE & STUBB

Please give sufficient information in the transaction reference text such that we can identify the purpose of the donation, e.g. Easter Offering.

If you are registered for Gift Aid we will continue to record and claim the tax back.

b)    Give through the charity website:  


Ignore the shop online part and go to “Support us (Our Parish), it’s free - Donate now”. Via this route all money donated goes straight into the Parish Current Account.


c)   If you are unable to do any of the above then please accrue your donation (cash or envelope) and hand it into the Church  or Parish Office. Please use as a reference your name and, if possible, your existing planned giving envelope number.

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